skipped church AGAIN.  the thing that keeps me home from church is the habit i have created of wanting to make our place look nice, and get something good-smelling on the stove.  i also crave the alone time.  i know the hub is busy working his 2nd job ~ choir director at a really amazing church in town.  i love this church ~ the people are wonderful, the sermons are heart-felt, the music is beautiful.  (and the choir director is gorgeous)

but i ditch it all to work on my loft and have some time to myself.

i think it’s just a phase and i’m going see it through, and then, i’ll go back to church.  i really think by next week, i’ll be over it.

this last week was the first week of the school year.  i had a great one, despite the pain in my face from getting my stitches out.  we lay around all day yesterday and it was wonderful.  i really couldn’t do anything that involved moving my face in any way ~ smiling, laughing, singing, talking, etc.  so i was quarantined because i don’t have the discipline to not do those things.

the hub left an hour and a half early for church, to straighten things up there, pick more music, and get focused.  i’m so proud of his hard work ethic.  i just wish he would save a little of that for our house.  everything that is his is in piles.  i’ve been trying to rework, rethink, reorganize the areas for him.  i get it:  he doesn’t care like i do.

i tell you ~ this loft is getting the best of me.  i’m starting to feel the need for more rooms.  but all i can do in the meantime is make the most of what we’ve got, and really keep it clean.

on that note, i have decided to redo the bedroom.  get rid of the big wicker basket that is the hub’s catch-all.  it has turned into a mountainous catch-all like you wouldn’t believe.  another storage container ended up next to it and the whole lot is taking over the bedroom.

so, i cleaned out two more areas of mine to make room for daddy.

i also want to get rid of all the purple.  it’s stifling ~ black, white, gold, grey, purple.  everywhere.  it’s pretty, but not me AT ALL.  i love, love the black, white and grey.  i just want a pop of exciting, more ME color to add to that.

so this brings me to my whole reason for blogging this morning, when i should be at church.

WHAT COLORS GO WITH GOLD?  i have a gold ottoman, all black furniture, and the floor is grey.  that stuff has to stay.  the walls are white, and we could paint one or two.  i want to make a new duvet cover, and i want to make some beautiful new pillows.

how about raspberry?  does that go with grey and gold?  bright teal?  if there’s a gold detail on it, maybe.

any ideas?

here’s a pic of my newly picked-up bedroom at this moment…


without windows, and all those white walls, it’s just too sterile.  and it’s too industrial and cold, in my opinion.

if you have any ideas, i’m listening!!!

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