this weekend was not my finest hour.  i guess i had too much time off.  my friend amy calls it the “princess crisis”.  aka ~ is this really all there is?  i was so ambitious.  i worked so hard to be at the top of my game, and i thought i was at the top of my game.  but my checkbook tells me otherwise.  i know it doesn’t always work that way.  it’s just hard to know that you’ve done everything you can do to be the best at your career, only to find that it doesn’t pay off and cash in.  ever.

ugh.  on to fun subjects.

okay, i figured the bedroom out.  well first, i cleaned it.  big difference.  and then, i had this dress laying on top of a pile of sewing to-do’s and realized that it was the perfect color inspiration for the whole room.  not sure i’ll ever wear this dress i tried to fix, so i’m going to make it into a pillow and use it to add more fun color to our slightly drab, very sterile bedroom.

this is what they always talk about on hgtv ~ finding a piece of art work or something like that for inspiration for the whole room.  i’ve never actually succeeded, and i never thought that would be possible, now with a husband to consider , too.

but this fabric had a grey background, some raspberry in it, among other gorgeous colors, and it also had this dark, gorgeous blue.  i showed it to the hub and he said that blue was his all-time favorite color.  JACKPOT!!!

so i’m off to the fabric store to see if i can get some great colors for pillows.  i’m also framing a few pictures i bought in tuscany.  that’s all.  that little change is going to make a huge difference, and will be friendly to our budget!!!


2 thoughts on “tuesday.

  1. I often try to fit Deb’s likes and dislikes into my decisions about decorating the house, but in the end she barely notices any of it anyway. Like, I’d really like to find a nice mirror to hang in the living room, but the only wall space for it is on a lamp wall…so do I buy the thing, hang it, and then wait for Deb to comment on it? Or do I ask her opinion and not get the answer I’m looking for…. It’s a quandary

    As for the “never making enough money to really satisfy that 20 years of higher education”- thing…yeah. I get it. Then I do this thing I like to call the “voice lesson hustle” and I overbook myself, because I’ll be DAMNED if I’m not going to make some money in this profession…and then I’m miserable. Can’t win for losing kiddo 🙂

    Love you .

  2. Love YOU, Denise. You are so right about the “voice lesson hustle”. I refused to hustle this year, so it’s no wonder I’m feeling down when I crunch the numbers!
    Yeah, I can’t believe I even ask the hub. I am such a walking contradiction: a feminist in a 50’s housewife’s dress and pearls!

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