aaaaah, wonderful tuesdays off.  this has been my greatest decision, other than my decision to marry what’s-his-name, of course.  i work so hard on mondays and feel just fine to push through until the point of exhaustion, knowing that tuesday is a glorious day off.

it’s not really “bon bon” time, i must add.  i’m making all the meals for the rest of the week, finishing the laundry, working from home (i’m the area head at my school, so there’s always an e-mail or two to deal with) and cleaning the house.  but these are all items of biz that most women have to fit into an already-huge work week.

for those of you who literally DO IT ALL, i applaud you.  i can’t do it all.  i don’t want to.  but for you heroes out there, don’t forget to use my services!  if you need anything, like lunch, treats for a party, or an errand run, i’m your girl.

anyway, i’m so very happy, now that i backed off and stopped trying to be a rock star.  and now that i have some time to get it all done, i FEEL like a rock star!!!  so cool.

when i lived in germany, i noticed the unending energy women had.  they worked, cleaned, cooked, laughed, drank at night and enjoyed their lives.  i hung out with a woman who’s hub was a chimney sweep.  isn’t that adorable?  she had 2 kids and was a stay-at-home mom.  and she loved all things america.  so i would go to her house once a week, drink coffee and eat some kind of gorgeous apfelkuchen and she would speak english and i would speak german.  a few times we put on our leather pants and went out dancing.  i really learned a lot from these multi-faceted women, who never stopped partying and being girls, even when they had houses and children and hubs to take care of.

i’m thinking of angelicka this morning because i am drinking julius meinl kaffee, an amazing coffee from austria.  i think i’ve figured out the secret of german/austrian women.  they drink this coffee!!!  i tell you, it is like CRACK.  i feel amazing.  i put only a few tablespoons in my roasterie coffee, and just a little bit goes a very, very, very long way.  it’s 11:00 and i’m still drinking it slowly, getting more done than you can imagine.  i’m not shaky, i’m not stressed, i’m just PRODUCTIVE.

long live the german woman and her crack coffee!!!!  i’m a believer.


and hours later…

i have to share a few recipes with you.  these are lower cholesterol and fat, and just really healthy in general…

roast chicken:  you basically take a chicken and rub it down with coconut oil mixed with grated onion and garlic, dijon mustard, zest of two lemons, chopped rosemary and s&p.  put the rest of the lemon and onion in the middle and and bake at 425 for an hour and a half.  it smells so good right now.

and i invented this one.  i love this snack mix….

buffalo nut mix:  take your favorite nuts (i used pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews) and toss with coconut oil, olive oil, frank’s hot sauce and celery seeds.  roast for a while, checking occasionally.  20 minutes?  it’s not an exact science.

now what is bad for you in that snack?  i think i’ll add dried cherries and dates, just to add a little sweet.

HAD to share…

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  1. darn it! now I’m having comment issues. Just posted and now it’s gone. anyway…yes, wanted to say that Julius Meinl Kaffee is like crack and I agree that the German/Austrian women just get ‘er done without thinking much about it. I think we sensationalize everything too much and wait for the opportune time, when they just do things because they need to be done. I truly feel a sense of accomplishment and happier in life when I live like that. Just do the tasks at hand without thinking about it and obsessing about why I don’t wanna…then I feel like I’ve accomplished so much when I do!! Have a great day off!!

  2. I will have to acquire some of zees kafee!!!
    I loved today’s post Sarah especially the part about those women staying GIRLS. I feel like I’m 12 most days…

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