forgive me blogger, for i have sinned.  it’s been one week since my last blog.

hee hee

sorry if that offends anyone.  but this totally feels like a confession booth to me.  hence the name ~ pixy’s confessional.

it is absolutely GORGEOUS outside.  praise be to mother nature, who finally decided we midwesterners needed a break from the heat!!!  it’s sunny and cool out there.  it’s going to be hard for me not to head to the plaza and buy me a pretty.

so much has happened this last week.  i became a vegetarian.  i BECAME A VEGETARIAN.  what on earth?  i cannot believe i just wrote that.  me.  the worshipper of medium rare steak cooked in butter.  the lover of lobster.

and it gets worse.  no eggs either.  no oil.  no butter.  no dairy.  this is basically vegan, but it’s okay if i do it every once in a while.

it’s called a PLANT-BASED DIET, like the one they talk about it in the documentary “FORKS OVER KNIVES”.  my doctor told me to watch it, and we are going to personalize a diet for me this week.  it’s just high cholesterol, that’s all.  but this doc seems to know what i’m all about.  NO MEDS.  please don’t make me take some kind of medication, when i could use this as a reason, a motivation, to do amazing things for my body.

i can’t imagine not eating tuna and fish.  chicken, i can live without.  steak is too expensive.  honestly, the only meat i use on a regular basis is bacon.  and that is SO BAD for you.

i know i eat too much cheese, eggs, butter, and bacon.  i know it.  i don’t eat as much as the average person, but it’s not a comparison.  it’s about your own body and genetic makeup.  and let’s face it ~ i have not ever had good digestion.  it’s time to get serious.

there’s also something about your heart being ready to make a change.  sometimes you just have that feeling that you should do something, like stop singing opera, or cut out meat.  i had this feeling of excitement every time i heard about friends becoming vegan and vegetarian.  it sounded, for lack of a better word, DELICIOUS.  i’ve always been a veggie lover.  i have a girlfriend who has celiac disease.  she has struggled so much, but lately, decided to just eat all veggies and fruit, and not much else.  she says she feels amazing.

when i heard she was only eating veggies and fruits, i’m not exaggerating, my mouth watered and i felt jealous of her.  JEALOUS!  i can do that too!  it’s not like it’s a club and i’m not invited!!!

that was a year ago, and now, with this diagnosis, i’m feeling ready to try it!

the FORKS OVER KNIVES diet is no meat, dairy, oils of any kind, eggs, or processed foods.  i will tweak this and keep organic coconut oil in my diet, and will probably do egg whites and fat free milk in my coffee.  cheese?  only goat cheese, blue and parm, and only occasionally.  i’m not going to live like a monk.  i’m just going to make recipes that sound good to me, that happen to have none of those things in them.  there are THOUSANDS of recipes all over the web, so this is really not going to be that difficult.

i already have loved some new things i’ve tried!  i know this is white bread, but jimmy john’s has the most delicious veggie sub ever.  it’s amazing.  there’s a wheat bread option too, which i’ll try next time.  but the avocado spread is so good.  and trader joe’s has a canned vegetarian chili that makes an incredible dip with tortilla chips!!!   it has tofu in it, for pete’s sake!!!  i can’t believe i would ever eat tofu.

i hate to go on and on, and i am noticing all my sentences starting with “i”.  it’s a selfish time for me, until i get going on the right foot.  i’m trying to think of the people this will affect ~ mainly the hub.  he is horrified.  he is a swedish, meat and potatoes guy.  he’s 6’4″ and a meat-based diet is his religion.  he joked with me a year ago that if i ever went vegetarian, he would leave me.  can you say FORESHADOWING?  i never thought i would do this, or do this to him!!!  we spent the whole weekend fighting, and by the time the weekend was over, he said, “i really want to eat healthy this week, after this hard, unhealthy weekend.  so make whatever you want and i’ll eat it.”


i promise i’ll talk about other things, when i start thinking about other things.  if you are against a plant-based diet, you might want to change the channel for a few weeks!


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