day off.  gorgeous outside.  fun with my friend toni this morning.  life is so full and rich and wonderful.

so why do i feel like a wet noodle?

maybe it’s a little TOO full?  i don’t think so.  i’ve got a great schedule.  time to breathe.  time to do things right and treat my body right.  maybe i’m just hormonal.  i’ve never really liked that excuse.  to me, that’s like saying, “maybe i’m just awake” or “maybe i’m just a feeling, thinking human being.”  aren’t we always hormonal?  isn’t there a 50/50 chance that we could wake up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed?  

holly golightly in “breakfast at tiffany’s” calls it THE MEAN REDS.  the blues are light and kind of fun to sink into.  because it’s been raining, or you’ve been watching too many romantic comedies.  the mean reds are hard.  it feels like your soul is dark and you don’t know why on earth you would ever feel that way, with so much to be thankful for.

i have been in deep, deep trouble before.  like, “how am i going to recover from this one” trouble.  but it doesn’t feel like this.  it doesn’t feel like anything.  you’re too deep in it and too overcome with actual issue to really notice that you’re in trouble.  instead, it just shows in little dark circles around your eyes.  unexplained weight loss.  grey hair.

this is different.  the mean reds have no reasoning, therefore, you can’t fix it.  all you can do is make your seat a little more comfortable while you’re waiting for it to pass.

this brings me to an idea about this blog:  i’d like to try focusing on amazing books, movies, music, poetry, art ~ you name it ~ instead of focusing on me, myself, and i.  frankly, i’m sick of the subject.  it’s so limited.  but talking about the finer things in life, like caviar, or a great movie that takes you up and out of your life in a matter of minutes, is UNlimited.  it’s not possible to exhaust the subject of the arts.

i guess it’ll still be all about me, since i’m the one with the perspective over here.  but i hope there are lots of comments and added ideas and opinions!  there are no limits to this discussion!!!  i am not a high-browed arteeest who can only talk about mahler and fois gras.  i find art, as i’m sure you do, in EVERYTHING.  there is NOTHING like the combination of creamy, delicious peanut butter, mixed with raspberry preserves, on toast.  there is nothing like a meg ryan movie!  (i’m watching you’ve got mail right now.  told ya ~ mean reds today!!)  there is nothing like a song with a good beat.  and you turn it up in your car and jam right there at the stop light!!!

so we’re not just going to talk about rilke.  that’s all i’m sayin’.

just to get this party started right, (enough about me, let’s talk about me), i’d like to name 10 things that i find to be the most creativity-inducing, conjuring a palette of beautiful, creative thoughts in my head.

my 10 favorite creative things

before i begin, i am almost positive i will have a hard time reducing it to 10.  so i’ll just the name the first 10 that come to mind!  you name some too!!!

1.  the artist’s way ~ by julia cameron.  there will be blogs and blogs galore about this book.  it’s the guidebook to becoming an artist who’s okay with being an artist.

2.  rilke ~ letters to a young poet.  the i ching for artists.  incredible.  MUST read.

3.  any audrey hepburn movie.  she inspires me to wear scarves and brooches, somehow.  she inspires me to be classy, bubbly, and thoughtful.  she inspires me to rearrange my furniture.

4.  the nelson-atkins museum of art, in kansas city.  it is truly a beautiful, perfect space.  i can’t believe i live 10 minutes away from it, and don’t go once a week.  what a great idea.  there’s even a cafe in there.  have a cup of coffee, look at some art, go home.  think i’ll ever be that person?

5.  on that note ~ coffee.  the perfect cup of coffee inspires me like nothing else.  paired with a journal and a dark, cozy corner in a cafe like the one in my hood?  true therapy.

6.  arleen auger.  her cds are just compilations of songs.  she sang with not intention of being heard in a 1200 seat house.  instead, she sang with her heart, and whoever deserved to hear it, could hear it.

7.  i love love love the movie “something’s gotta give”.  okay, any diane keaton movie!!!  such artistic flare.

8.  the smell of a library.  why don’t i go to the library anymore?

9.  a beautiful cookbook with pictures of the food.  nothing more inspiring than that.  i love giada’s cookbooks, and ina garten, pioneer woman, gwyneth paltrow, and my clean eating cookbook.  such inspiring women!!!

10.  i have 100 more, but my last choice is definitely a perfect glass of red wine at the end of a hard day.

your turn!!!

4 thoughts on “friday.

  1. When I lived right behind the Nelson, I thought it was the BEST thing in the world to drop in and spend 45 minutes looking at ONE roomful of art and go home. I think I’m not a particularly visual person, so one room’s worth of art and I am full — tanked up. It felt so decadent to go and drop my one-room’s worth donation in the box on a no-admission day, let the rest of the museum wait for another day and move on – to Latte Land! Of course the Monet room was a favorite.

  2. Ok, I LOVE this idea. Here’s a couple of movies that I LOVED: HappyThankYouMorePlease – wonderful, wonderful dialogue about love and relationships and Elegy a love story about an older man (Ben Kingsley – sexy) and Penelope Cruz the younger woman but it’s different than most of these story lines, total movies to watch ALONE when y’all get the chance 🙂

  3. In 1997 I started a “Gratitude” Journal and of course, only write things to be grateful for in that book. I have another one for complaints (ha). When you came up with this blog, I was interested to know if my ‘favorite’ things had changed. I still love most of the same things, a lot of it has to do with my home and things I can create. But, some of it has progressed. At this stage in my life, I am so happy to have things to do that use my gifts, though seemingly small, to make others happy. Maybe it’s just making a loaf of pumpkin bread for someone or taking a pot of soup to a sick person, but that gives me great joy and sparks my creativity. Today as I write this I am especially grateful for autumn, I love the way the sun shines and how the shadowing is different, I love the temps and the promise of color and falling leaves. It’s like God unleashes his paint box and we become a part of this beautiful painting. I’m giving thought to new things to add to my gratitude journal today. I think the things that bring us the most joy and peace, are little things that we add to our lives that would appear insignificant to others but add such richness. Life is fleeting, at best, so make the most of every thing that you can. pt

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