i love all the great comments!  keep them up please!  they’re beautiful!

my mom mentioned the fall.  and i knew she would.  i should have added that too.  it’s such an amazing time, especially in the midwest.  i love, love, love kansas city in the fall.  it is magical.  this weekend is oktoberfest, and we live just down the street from an austrian restaurant that is so wonderful.  we are planning to squeeze in some time there this weekend, which is what we have to do ~ squeeze in time for fun.  sad but true.

yesterday, instead of going home after church, scrambling to get lunch on the table, doing chores and trying to rest before the sunday night chorale rehearsal, i had a great idea.  after church, we went home and changed clothes, grabbed books and blankets, picked up jimmy john’s, and headed for loose park.  loose park in kansas city is located in beautiful brookside, and the part looks like the english countryside.  it’s one of my favorite places on earth.  we lay under a tree, read books, snoozed, and really soaked up the sun.  we were absolutely revived in a matter of 2 hours.

which brings me to my artistic idea of the day:


and i don’t even like the outdoors!

we didn’t talk out there.  we didn’t make out.  it wasn’t romantic.  it was RESTORATIVE.  if i didn’t have a nasty cold, i would be there again today.  maybe i’ll try and go tomorrow, if i feel better.

that was yesterday.  today, i have another creative love that’s taking its place:


i love making soup.  today, i’m thinking chili.  vegetarian chili.

if i ever get off this couch.

two hours later….

i did it!  i got off the couch and boy am i glad i did.  just made a really healing soup and i’d like to share it with you!


as you all know, the real trick to easy, delicious food is a pantry of great go-to, quick ingredients.

i always try to have onions, garlic, other veggies, better than bouillon veggie stock, cans of beans and rice and pasta.  you can do anything if you have these things.

this one turned out ridiculously good.  i wish i had made a bigger pot!

sautee the following:  onion, garlic, carrot, red pepper, and a can of mild green chilis.  my stuffy nose was already clearing!

add veggie better than bouillon and my new favorite thing:  miso paste!  so delicious and packed with flavor and protein!

add a can of garbanzo beans (or whatever kind of beans you like) and add water.

add the stems of some cilantro (they have so much flavor), chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.  bring to a boil, then simmer for a few minutes.

blend for just a few seconds with an emersion blender, just to cream it up a bit!

here’s the kicker:  i had an avocado and chopped that up, with some tomato and lemon juice, cilantro, and salt and pepper.  i added it to the soup as a topping.  it makes it so vibrant in color and flavor.  just imagine all the healthy nutrients in this soup!!!!

here’s a pic…

i really need a better camera.

the colors are so vibrant in this soup, but you can’t see it in this pic.  anyway, you gotta make it.  i’m actually going to write this one down!

2 thoughts on “monday.

  1. Vegetarian! I think I could probably give up meat, but not gravy. Gravy! Good for you for modifying your lifestyle before resorting to meds. I bet you husband will like it too. Eventually.

    My cavity is seriously bad news. 🙁 Does it hurt a lot?

    My inspiration is the guitar. It’s everything I know about music, turned upside down and inside out. It’s everything I don’t know about music. It’s social. It requires me to make new connections in my brain — connections that make it possible to actually do. My mind is open on an entirely new level. I feel wonder and excitement and joy, and it’s been a long time since music has done that for me. If ever.

    We all need guitars! No, really, just an interest and a challenge, that is artistic in nature. I think the trick is not to set the bar too high or to low, and to be patient and diligent enuf to stick to it thru the phases of the challenge when progress halts.

    Also, I like Pink’s new album.

  2. LOVE this comment, Jen. We all DO need guitars! Or something that turns us upside-down, at least! Even though it’s just a blog, I think it’s writing for me. I’m really bad at it, and the struggle feels really good.
    The cavity doesn’t hurt! The shot that numbs you is quick and just an annoying pinch. When the numbing goes away after the cavity is filled, all is well with the world. Quick fix!

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