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pixy’s kitchen!

a coworker gave me a recipe that was so incredible, and i personalized, vegetarianized, and veganized it this morning.  i have to share this with you.  this is so good ~ you will eat it right out of the pot.  i ate half of my lunch portion already this morning.  i couldn’t help it.


mouth watering yet?  mine won’t stop!

make some wild rice, or whatever type rice you like.  i have the royal blend rice, and it’s so yummy.

when you make the rice, use water and a dollop of miso paste.  YUM.  miso paste is a revelation!!!  i also added a touch of veggie “better than bouillon” but honestly, the miso is where it’s at.

meanwhile, in a bowl, mix together some sesame oil (just a little will do), stone ground mustard, grated fresh ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, cilantro, and if you have it, and i strongly suggest you have it, the THAI KITCHEN RED CURRY PASTE.  it’s a little jar in the asian section and it lasts forever in your fridge.  it adds the best flavor.  add lime juice if you’ve got it.  i didn’t.

add any and every veggie in your fridge.  i had peppers and carrots.  every veggie on the planet is amazing in this dish.

add cashews!!!!  cashews!!!  so amazing!  add a lot.

add sesame seeds too.  i didn’t have any this morning, but those are so good.

stir it all up and add the yummy rice.  add more cilantro if you were skimpy the first time!

this is truly a “pull you up out of your hum drum wednesday lunch” meal!!!  i already ate mine because i couldn’t wait for lunch, but hope you will try this soon!  imagine how many ways you could make this!

edible art!!!

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