for the past two years, before the high cholesterol reading, i was eating two eggs almost every morning.  yolks and all, fried over medium in organic coconut oil, with a piece of grains galore toast.  sometimes i would put the bread in the pan and make egg-in-a-hole ~ probably my all-time favorite way to eat eggs.  and then i would shave parm over the whole … Continue reading tuesday.


this morning, i made savory oatmeal.  i didn’t feel like the normal maple syrup, blueberry, dried fruit variety, that is very good.  but i wanted something salty and spicy.  it was such a unique, delicious breakfast.  i slicked it down, as i am always able to do when something is salty.  sweet, not so much. here it is, just in case you get a wild … Continue reading thursday.


what’s the first thing you do when you’ve made it to the other side of a deadline, or a difficult show?  i wish i could say i do yoga or journal.  i shop.  i buy pretty things that make me feel good. this morning was no exception.  i bought a vegan cookbook that was so irresistibly beautiful, and the book of julia child’s letters to … Continue reading tuesday.


i made it through!  made it through the fire swamp and came out on the other side, without being eaten by the rodents of unusual size!!! for those of you who are not familiar with the cult classic “the princess bride” ~ you probably think i’ve lost my mind.  well, i have.  and i like it. the run of carmina burana is OVER.  hallelujah.  it … Continue reading hallelujah.


this is truly a time of intense vulnerability and confusion for me.  those words don’t sound like something positive is happening, or about to happen!  but it is!  there is so much ruminating in my head ~ i don’t even know where to start. my current brain whirrings, mixed with the crazy schedule, has kept me from blogging.  but i feel like i need to … Continue reading sunday.