i made it through!  made it through the fire swamp and came out on the other side, without being eaten by the rodents of unusual size!!!

for those of you who are not familiar with the cult classic “the princess bride” ~ you probably think i’ve lost my mind.  well, i have.  and i like it.

the run of carmina burana is OVER.  hallelujah.  it was so fun and the highlight of my year?  career?  it was truly a privilege to watch those dancers, and their endurance was utterly inspiring.  but we were all exhausted by the end of six shows.  i’m just so relieved i didn’t mess up!!!!  i even got a good review.  icing on the cake.

i’ve really missed blogging.  but i have been preparing materials for a project at work, and i realized that my 5+ years of blogging has greatly hindered my ability to form an intelligent sentence.  olga ackerly would be horrified!  right, girls who went to umkc????  she was a musicologist who forced us to have good syntax and yelled at us if we wrote anything that was “common knowledge”.  uh, common knowledge to whom, olga?  you?  anyway, she would be very disappointed in my work.  but i finally deleted the blog writer in my hard drive and wrote something intelligent.  i’m just embarrassed it was so hard for me.

but now that it’s over, i’m back to run-on sentences, no caps, and emotional words like, BLURRRRRG.  yippeee!!!!

it’s 9:02 and i’m still in my robe.  got a long, long day of teaching ahead of me.  i need a dark day!!!  i need a DARK DAY!!!!!  i just need to keep thinking about those dancers, and how exhausted they must be today.  there’s even a dancer who is pregnant with twins!  she must be comatose.

my artistic thought for today is:

PROJECT RUNWAY.  SEASON 10.  anyone obsessed with it like i am?  i always cry at the end of each season.  the guy who won was an amazing designer, but more importantly, he was such a gentleman.  he was nice to everyone, professional, always prepared, truly prepared to be a designer.  and when he won, michael kors actually applauded him for being such a gentleman.  see?  even the sassy world of design appreciates nice.

so, make your artistry sassy and edgy and fabulous.  but keep your personality sweet and nice.  yes.  definitely.  a tiger on stage, a lamb back stage.

happy monday, y’all!!!!

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