what’s the first thing you do when you’ve made it to the other side of a deadline, or a difficult show?  i wish i could say i do yoga or journal.  i shop.  i buy pretty things that make me feel good.

this morning was no exception.  i bought a vegan cookbook that was so irresistibly beautiful, and the book of julia child’s letters to her pen pal, avis devoto.  i also bought a few pretty items for my kitchen, in my favorite color ~ orange.

at least i don’t go crazy and buy a coach purse or an i-phone.  just under $100 of happiness, and they’re books.  they’re “an investment.”  wonderful.

and then i came home and made a delicious soup with items in my fridge!! woo hoo!!!
here is the recipe.  i hope you try it!
butternut squash soup with black beans and farro
sautee leeks, garlic and butternut squash in a little bit of butter mixed with flax oil.
add potatoes, jalapeno, carrots, just whatever you have in your fridge. and a can of black beans and some farro, which, i think, is barley.
add water and veggie stock and miso.  if you’ve never tried miso, don’t delay!  it’s incredible.
add cinnamon, nutmeg, chili powder, crushed red pepper, salt and pepper!!!
at the end, drop in chopped spinach or kale, basil and cilantro.
top the whole thing with mushrooms sauteed with bragg’s liquid aminos, which is like soy sauce.  it’s really good.
it’s really healthy.  i hear my doctor nodding in approval…

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