this morning, i made savory oatmeal.  i didn’t feel like the normal maple syrup, blueberry, dried fruit variety, that is very good.  but i wanted something salty and spicy.  it was such a unique, delicious breakfast.  i slicked it down, as i am always able to do when something is salty.  sweet, not so much.

here it is, just in case you get a wild hair…

steel cut oats are the way to go.

after you cook the oats, add just a touch of the following:  soy sauce, veggie better than bouillon, thai red chili paste, chinese five spice powder, a pinch of brown sugar, some bragg’s liquid aminos (if you’re a vegan like me and need to fortify yo food), and i think peanuts and scallions would have been incredible too, but i didn’t have those.  what else? tofu, if you love that sort of thing?  shredded carrots?  it was really good just like i made it.  i really got my oats in today.

OH!  crunchy rice noodles!  that would be so good.

has anyone ever made savory oatmeal?  if so, do tell!!!


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  1. You’re amazing!!! But I have steel cut oats and carrots and don’t even know what that other stuff is or where to find it or how to use it if I did find it. But it gives me food for thought and I’m gonna try something kinky with my oats next time. Love you, pt

  2. kinky? ha ha ha!!! soy sauce is all you really need. the thai red chili paste is in a little jar in the asian food section at hyvee or schnucks. anywhere. you would love the flavor. have you tried veggie “better than bouillon”? it’s amazing. you just add it to water and you have stock. it’s really flavorful.
    you don’t need the liquid aminos. the chinese 5 spice powder is a little crazy, but i love just a touch of it. it’s just a spice mix in the herbs/spices section. you can rub it on chicken and it makes it taste really exotic.
    or in your case ~ kinky. 🙂

  3. I’m into soup lately, or at least I want to be. So I’m going to look for miso paste next time I’m out! You’ve inspired me! It seems that my soup is lacking some flavor element. I hope miso is it. I like miso soup… I also hope I can find it here in JC and that I can find a few applications for it. I love “better than bouillon” paste, btw!

    I favor savory over sweet any day, too. I tell people I make savory muffins and waffles, and they have no idea what I’m talking about. Lately, when I eat any carb, it feels as if it turns into a Twinkie inside of me. I mean, into sugary mess that doesn’t suit me at all. Bleh. What to do? I’m pretty lazy about change.

    I hope you’re enjoying being vegan! Sam, too?

    By the way, my back-to-school annual crisis time has not yet passed, which means I haven’t been to the gym since school started. That’s my confession.

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