for the past two years, before the high cholesterol reading, i was eating two eggs almost every morning.  yolks and all, fried over medium in organic coconut oil, with a piece of grains galore toast.  sometimes i would put the bread in the pan and make egg-in-a-hole ~ probably my all-time favorite way to eat eggs.  and then i would shave parm over the whole thing.  heaven.

what i was doing wrong:  the egg yolk, the parm, even the coconut oil.  add bacon and you have a clogged artery at 40.

some people can eat like that their whole lives, and some people have a genetic disposition to be blessed with high cholesterol numbers.

so, i have been eating oatmeal, grainy toast, fruit or fiber-rich cereal for the past two months.  delicious, right?  well, this morning i decided to add eggs back into my diet.  just every once in a while, and made as healthy as possible.

here’s what i made.  it’s not a genius invention or anything.  just thought i’d share it, though…

two egg whites (sniff sniff)

yolks down the drain (sniff sniff)

add a little coconut milk (not the canned ~ the non-dairy milk substitute.  i like it better than almond, rice or soy milk)

stir in some hot sauce.  i had leftover chipotle hot salsa.

put a teaspoon of coconut oil in the pan and add peppers, jalapeno and some chopped spinach.  i added a little goya seasoning salt, which i love.

throw the eggs in and cook until some kind of color starts to form.  but it’ll never be the color of a yolk.

and then i added veggie cheddar cheese on top and it was really delicious.  there’s one kind of veggie cheese that i really like ~ it’s in a green package and it’s called VEGGIE SHREDS.  i would never use fake cheese unless i had to, let me set that record straight.  i am a total purest.  or i was.  if you are endowed with cholesterol, try veggie shreds.  it really does taste like shredded cheese.

after i get some proof that my numbers are starting to go down, i will definitely treat myself to some maytag blue.  that’s my first stop.  but for the rest of my life, i will only enjoy stuff like that once a month, or on special occasions.

this all sounds very sad, but i have to say ~ when i do get a little taste of some kind of cheese, it is the most incredible flavor EVER.  it becomes a treat, not an hourly indulgence, like it was before.

i have not lost any weight, but i also have not been exercising, and i have been eating like a horse.  yesterday, i ran on a treadmill, nonstop, for 32 minutes.  that, mixed with all the fiber and veggies i’m downing, will definitely do the trick.

everything is delicious, so far!  except kale.  i’m struggling to figure out how to make the consistency something i like.  today, i’m going to chop it up very finely and let it marinate in a vinaigrette for the whole day, and see what happens.  i hear it’s really good in smoothies, but i don’t really like smoothies.  it is a very important medicine ~ kale.  so i’m determined to find my favorite way to eat it…

everyone says kale chips are great.  i guess i haven’t made them right.  plus, you have to use oil and i can’t really indulge in that.  might be worth it though, for the sake of getting my kale on.

anyone bored with me yet?  i am.

4 thoughts on “tuesday.

  1. I haven’t had breakfast yet, can you come and make me one of those egg things? I loved Jennifer’s comments on Monday. You guys are truly forever friends – you are so much alike. I will always see her in my minds eye coming over the fence towing that cello to practice and spend time with you. You don’t get forever friends often, so treasure. pt

  2. Kale is my favorite! But I guess I always use oil. I’ve heard some people make kale chips by putting their oven on the lowest heat, and just dehydrating the kale over a few hours, then season it. That might work… But I think marinating it in acid will work really well, too!!

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