you KNOW how i feel about tuesday by now.  greatest day EVER.

like my new color scheme?  it’s my artistic thing of the day.  i hope the color makes you feel…caffeinated.

wordpress likes to make it difficult to have the look you want without paying for it.  i understand ~ it’s a biz.  but i don’t have $68 just to make my blog look cute.  i’d rather spend it at ann taylor loft.

sorry wordpress…

i just read some BEAUTIFUL comments that, for some reason, i just received.  but it was so wonderful to read them this morning, when i am so open to positive words.  my friend jennifer was mentioning that she had been asleep at the wheel for a while, and that maybe this is my time to sit back and fall asleep for a little while?  i like that idea.  i think i might be there.  i think i need to simplify my goals and not worry about them:  practice, workout, find a peaceful moment, and eat healthy, but in moderation.  that’s all.  each day.

frankly, the workout, practice and peace items have been on my to-do lists SINCE BIRTH.  if you look at my diary, back when it was called a diary, circa 1983 (the hub wasn’t even born yet), i’m sure there was a list in there ~ a “things that would make me feel so happy if i just accomplished them on a daily basis” list.  ridiculous!!!  but you know, some things are just eternally on our list, and they continue to “complete” us if we accomplish them on a daily basis.

it just doesn’t make sense to me, though, that those three items ~ practicing, working out, and peace time ~ are the three things i RARELY accomplish.  WHAT?  why, oh why, would those most important things to me, consistently escape my time and attention?  i’m baffled!

but really ~ i’m starting to relax about this working out thing.  i’m sick of feeling like a failure, just because i haven’t conquered the part of my life.  this is my year to figure it out, and stop being hard on myself.  just do it.  don’t let it be a road-block anymore.

which brings me back to my friend jen’s comment ~ it IS my time to fall asleep at the wheel a little.  i’m saying no to more gigs, no to piling my schedule up too high, and yes to just a few important items of biz each and every day.  i’m letting go of the embarrassment i feel about the fact that those items have been the same since 1983, and just moving forward.

we have one year until we’re 40, jen.  ONE year.  i have every confidence in myself that i will keep these priorities this year, and every confidence in you, that you are going to keep dreaming.



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