it’s time.  it’s time to brush the dust off the “white christmas” dvd.  watching it right now, as if i have all the time in the world.  love it.  too soon?  not this year.  i’m ready for the holidays.  i’m ready for snow and family and christmas parties and good food.  i want this semester to be over, and fast.  before i lose my mind.

my artistic focus for the day is something i have always loved, and lately, have tried to quell my affinity for, since they can cost an arm and a leg, and we’re trying to pay some billios.

i find these beautiful things to make or break a look, and totally love the feeling when you find the most perfect pair of….

SHOES.  GLORIOUS SHOES.  i’m not really a fan of having lots and lots of shoes.  i’m more into having a couple pairs of black ballet flats, some sexy boots, and a fun color or two.  but today, i bought my first pair of TOM’S.  they’re grey flannel, bootie style wedges, and i think they’re going to look so cute with some grey tights and a cute little dress!  i totally splurged and am so excited to wear them all winter!

i have had serious stress lately.  the kind that gives you heartburn and makes your head hurt.  with no end in sight, i have prayed for relief, cried, gotten mad, and doused the pain with various elixirs (red wine, mostly).  but the second i put on these tom’s, i felt 21 again.

what on earth?  what does this mean?  how can the most deep-seated stress be alleviated by the shallow act of buying new shoes?

i’m not going to question it.  i’m going to enjoy the serenity my tom’s have brought me while it lasts.  i’ll let you know when the glow fades.  🙂



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  1. When and if the shoe glow fades, try chocolate and candles. It’s a great three-some and works everytime. Oh my, what have I taught my daughters?!!! Yikes. pt

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