what can i say.  it’s my day off.  but i’m working until 3:00.  i’m sorry ~ i thought a day off meant not going to work?

oh, and i have to be, like, talented and charming today, too.  bathed and kinda pretty, even.  oh no.  it’s all too much.  one of my favorite singers is coming to the folly tonight and i cannot go see her.  i didn’t get tickets, but also, i don’t have the energy to do another thing.  i’ve got to slow this train down.  yesterday, i actually felt strange heart palpitations.  what?  i’m too young for this.

get me to the nearest yoga studio!  stat!   hee hee

yoga kind of stresses me out, actually.  i get in there and i think, “oh man, i hope i’m still as limber as i’ve always been.  i have to start from scratch, probably.  this is so expensive ~ i need to really do the poses to the fullest, so that i can get my money’s worth.”  i SO do not have the right mindset for yoga.  ever.

i don’t really have the right mindset for anything.  all i wanna do is go to the apple store and buy an i-phone 5 and sit around and figure out how to use it.  that’s all i’m good for, people. but our credit card bills are dwindling because we are spending next-to-nothing each month.  and there’s really no app for that.  you just have to not spend any money, and throw every extra cent into those beasts until poof.  they’re gone.  it’s that simple, and that painful.

i might have to do whatever it takes to find a way to love this morning.  bacon?

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