we made it through thanksgiving!!!  yippee!  i have never appreciated my life and my apartment so much, after doing the “thanksgiving shuffle” we all do.  if i was hungover last monday, i am all-but-dead today!

actually, not really.  i am so happy to be back.  i’m excited to decorate for christmas, and my gigs are only fun gigs from here on out.  this thanksgiving was not the greatest one ever, so the hub and i are getting back into our routine that we were complaining about so much before, except now, we find solace in it.

youngest siblings always suffer this identity crisis when they go home.  suddenly, they’re children.  they can’t help with anything, can’t be trusted to watch the baby, can’t possibly have anything interesting to say about their careers and lives.

the situation with my hub’s family is really interesting:  i am married to the youngest sibling in the family.  and he is SUCH a baby in their eyes.  therefore, i am most likely guilty (young and stupid) by association as well.  only, i’m FIVE years older than the oldest brother!!!  and i’m the only one with a masters, i believe.  and have totally been all over the world.  hey, i’m totally fine with this misconception ~ this means they think i’m young.  YESSSSS.  i’ll take it.  and rub it all over, like a dark spot removal cream.

i can’t go on any further without addressing the amazing, beautiful comments that were made in my last post.  i have been reading them over and over this last week, in awe of my friends.  i so appreciate you, and would love to compile a book of “short stories from opera singers and voice teachers”.  or maybe it should be about musicians in general?  that way i could add stories from my string playing friends.  wouldn’t that be cool?  i don’t really want to share you, actually.  i want your brilliance all to myself!  but i would think it would be really nice, as a young musician, to read a book about all the different ways you can skin this cat.  it would help young singers be prepared for the “fire swamp” that is this career.  remember in “the princess bride”?  the rodents of unusual size?  they really exist!

after the onslaught of thanksgiving, i feel renewal.  we’re home, life is good, we’re okay, everything is okay.  it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

i hope to blog every day this week, filling your wonderful hearts with artistic merriment.  hmmm.  tall order!




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