the end of the kansas city chorale’s fall season.  last night.  hallelujah.  those concerts are so exhausting, physically, vocally, and most of all, emotionally.  so much is expected of us, which i confess, is my favorite part about it.  i love being pushed to the brink of my ability, and finding out that there’s more to give than i thought.  but what happens the next … Continue reading wednesday.


thank GOD for monday.  it’s such an easy day, compared to these mammoth weekends full of performances.  i can’t add working out or eating right or anything.  i can’t even remember to take my vitamins.  all i can do is make sure i have the right music in the folder and the right dress on.  it’s literally like that. i had four concerts this weekend. … Continue reading monday.


great job interview.  and NOW a grammy nomination with the kc chorale?  this is the craziest week ever.  i don’t know whether to celebrate, freak out, be nervous, or just go back to bed. and of course, the night of the grammys conflicts with two big concerts i have on my calendar.  there’s always a cloud to every silver lining, right? i just don’t know … Continue reading thursday.


today was a big day.  had a phone interview for a new job, and i can’t tell you how much i want this job.  it’s so right for me.  i can just feel it. can’t say anything else.  but i just had to share this momentous occasion with all of you.  this is potentially a new chapter for me, and i’m just that much closer … Continue reading tuesday.


love me some sunday morning.  after my marathon singing extravaganza day, yesterday, and one very strong margarita with my wonderful hub and great friends (hi peaches!!!!) i thought i was going to wake up feeling like a truck hit me.  but who wants to feel drained and lifeless when you finally get a little downtime?  seize the day!  (i originally wrote cease the day.  ha ha ha) … Continue reading sunday.