what. just. happened.  this week was ridiculous.  my uncle died.  funeral on thursday.  friday was a mess.  there’s a painful knot on the back of my head, that came out of nowhere.  i’m assuming it’s some strange reaction to stress.  the whole week was chock full of it.  that’s for sure.

and here i am on saturday, and i have exactly 2 hours left of my freedom.  i have a rehearsal, then another rehearsal, then the messiah singalong, which is really fun, but really long.  and then, sweet, sweet freedom.  dinner at a nice restaurant tonight?  a movie?  drop into the bed at 8:00?  probably the last one.

tomorrow is a little lighter.  only one performance and only one rehearsal.  hosting a brunch in the morning at our loft, and i only have to provide the danishes.  i love making these danishes ~ they’re my mom’s recipe, and they are always, always incredible.  i remember waking up on saturday morning, the whole house smelling like pie.  it really is pie.  somehow, you can rename it and serve it for breakfast, and no one thinks they’re being bad.

the hub just asked me what i’m doing and i said i was doing the only thing i can think to do when i only have 2 hours left in my day.  he said, “to make the voices in your head stop?”

yup.  that’s it.

anyway, back to the danish.  my mom would make this thin apple danish with cereal in it, and an almond glaze on top.  the crust is perfection:  made with one egg, milk, and shortening.  the original recipe is pressed into a cookie sheet pan, so it’s one flat, long danish, and cut into squares.  i tried something new last time, and i love it.  i made individuals ones by just wrapping the crust around the edges of the filling.  really rustic looking, and kinda chic too!

we have a ton of apples in the house, so i’ll just make apple tomorrow.  but i have some other flavors i want to try really soon.  cherry would be heavenly.  and pecan pie flavor?  what about cream cheese danish?  i’ve made peach before and it is soooo yummy.

okay, enough about the danish already.  when i make them for tomorrow’s brunch, i’ll take a picture and post it.  just to seal the deal that yes, i am obsessed with pastries.

off to my gigs.  sniff sniff.  no rest for the wicked.

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