love me some sunday morning.  after my marathon singing extravaganza day, yesterday, and one very strong margarita with my wonderful hub and great friends (hi peaches!!!!) i thought i was going to wake up feeling like a truck hit me.  but who wants to feel drained and lifeless when you finally get a little downtime?  seize the day!  (i originally wrote cease the day.  ha ha ha)

my friend is hosting a brunch this morning on our 9th floor clubhouse room.  last night, after the aforementioned margarita, i said, “no way am i making those danishes.  i’m going to the store and buying some.”  but i woke up at 6am, refreshed and actually excited to do a little baking.

the danishes turned out delicious, just like they always do.  you simply cannot put together pie dough, apples and frosting and not have it be delicious.  it’s all done and i’m happily on the couch, until my gig at 5:00.

my heart is full today.  i had a very uplifting experience singing messiah yesterday.  i’m sure this week will be yet another doozy, but this morning, i am savoring every moment on this couch.

artistic moment of the day:  our neighbor across the hall has a festive door mat that reads JOY.  that is, it says that if you’re walking out of her apartment.  from our vantage point, here’s what it looks like…




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