great job interview.  and NOW a grammy nomination with the kc chorale?  this is the craziest week ever.  i don’t know whether to celebrate, freak out, be nervous, or just go back to bed.

and of course, the night of the grammys conflicts with two big concerts i have on my calendar.  there’s always a cloud to every silver lining, right?

i just don’t know what to think about any of this.  it’s so far above me.  all i can do is drink more coffee, do another load of laundry, and blog.

sharoni, i LOVED what you said about the job looking for me.  i really hope so.  i’m really ready to take things to the next level.

and now, i might not need to go in to work today.  have i just won the lottery?

okay, readers, if i find out i don’t have to go to work, i PROMISE i will write something today that is uplifting, artistically fulfilling, and NOT about me!!!!  and it won’t be a recipe.  big challenge!

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