the end of the kansas city chorale’s fall season.  last night.  hallelujah.  those concerts are so exhausting, physically, vocally, and most of all, emotionally.  so much is expected of us, which i confess, is my favorite part about it.  i love being pushed to the brink of my ability, and finding out that there’s more to give than i thought.  but what happens the next day, when i have to get back to normal?  it’s a roller coaster.  i guess i’m going to be riding it until i die, so i better get good at it.

what can help me be good at it?

that brings me to the artistic thought i would like to share today.

it’s about cooking.  again.  but cooking healthy, restorative food, fast and easy.  during a busy line-up of performances, i feel too overwhelmed to even think straight at the grocery store, although i always try.  and when i do get some time off (like this week) i really don’t have what it takes to be a super hero in the kitchen for quite a few days.  so during this time of recoop, i found some really fast ways to make really healthy food.

when i think of veggies, i think of chopping, cleaning, prepping, and making some big dish where i roast the veggies, or make a soup, or a dip for fresh veggies.  i love that, but don’t always think ahead.  okay, i NEVER think ahead.

in my discovery, here’s really all you need in your fridge and pantry, to make an amazing and amazingly quick meal.  i’m eating one right now!

you need:

cans of different kinds of beans.  today i’m eating great northerns.

olive oil.

a seasoning mix that you can probably make yourself, with garlic powder, dried oregano and basil, and crushed red pepper.

already-washed, already-chopped dark leafy greens.

a jar of already-made spaghetti sauce.  preferably an organic sauce, or something that doesn’t have a lot of junk in it.

throw all of this in a frying pan, except the sauce, and let it fall in love and get married.  then turn the heat off and add a little bit of the sauce.  it’s a plate of heaven.

i wrote something like this yesterday, or monday.  can’t remember.  but i just realized that i want to stock my pantry and fridge with items that come together this quickly.  you can do that.  you don’t need to feel like healthy cooking takes time.  it just took me 3 minutes!

i also added a little parm.  if i’m gonna be THAT good, i deserve a little parm!

now, with this discovery, i must FORCE myself to start going to the gym again.  with all this extra time of not slaving over a hot stove, or any cleanup at all, i have no excuse.

i just watched an episode of lidia bastianich cooking calamari and hanging out in sicily.  i feel like i just took myself on an artist date.  she is so passionate about food.  i simply love the sparkle in her eye!





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