roasted tomatoes.

i stole this from lidia.  i watch her occasionally on hulu and she always manages to bring a tear to my eye.  i love her passion for italy, and food… take roma tomatoes and slice them lengthwise.  top with the following bread crumb mixture: bread crumbs, chopped fresh basil, oregano, capers, crushed red pepper, a little douse of olive oil, and i think that’s it. … Continue reading roasted tomatoes.

amalfi coast salad w/tuna.

this salad will make you fall in love with TUNA.  of all things! but it is so incredibly good.  just looking at this picture, taken in italy, just before devouring those succulent tomatoes, makes my mouth water. enough gushing.  here’s what you need… some lettuce.  i don’t care what type.  your favorite. white onion rings, soaked in white vinegar and salt (i’ve also used balsamic … Continue reading amalfi coast salad w/tuna.

beans, glorious beans.

need a cheap, easy, healthy meal ~ all made in a frying pan? the answer is:  BEANS! nothing is cheaper, quicker or healthier than stocking your pantry with beans.  don’t like beans?  if you think you don’t like beans, you’re wrong.  try them again.  here’s the formula… 1. open a can of beans, strain, and rinse.  meanwhile, heat some olive oil in a pan. 2. … Continue reading beans, glorious beans.

another food blog?

who in the world needs another food blog?  i have an entire folder of bookmarks dedicated to food blogs.  and they are so beautiful and inspiring. i’m not trying to have one of those professional-looking food blogs.  i merely just want to share some recipes occasionally, and, i admit, use this blog as a way to stay obsessed with food. i’m also hoping this blog … Continue reading another food blog?