amalfi coast salad w/tuna.

HPIM1550this salad will make you fall in love with TUNA.  of all things!

but it is so incredibly good.  just looking at this picture, taken in italy, just before devouring those succulent tomatoes, makes my mouth water.

enough gushing.  here’s what you need…

some lettuce.  i don’t care what type.  your favorite.

white onion rings, soaked in white vinegar and salt (i’ve also used balsamic vinaigrette before)

fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, CORN, black kalamata olives, chopped pickles (WHAT?  no, they’re so great)

a can of tuna packed in olive oil.  i know that’s not the IN thing to do here in america, but if you can find italian tuna (tonno) packed in olive oil, you will fall in love with tuna all over again.

the oil in the tuna is all the oil you need.  it’s hearty and meaty tasting.  i love it.  mouth watering, again.

add feta or mozzarella.

really, you can do whatever you want with this salad.  the thing that makes the salad so special is the tuna, and the fact that there is no dressing ~ just the onions that have been soaking in vinegar and the olive oil from the tuna.  and those weird pickles.  ha!  sounds like a mess, but it’s SOOOOO GOOD.  try it and tell me what you think!



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