another food blog?

who in the world needs another food blog?  i have an entire folder of bookmarks dedicated to food blogs.  and they are so beautiful and inspiring.

i’m not trying to have one of those professional-looking food blogs.  i merely just want to share some recipes occasionally, and, i admit, use this blog as a way to stay obsessed with food.

i’m also hoping this blog will help me find the love for that plant-based diet i started last fall. i have sorely fallen off the back of that wagon.  and hard.  but i really loved the food.  the hub almost left me, but i really loved how i felt.  maybe this time, i can try the plant-based life, with a little protein for my poor, emaciated hub, who would waste away if he didn’t have meat on an hourly basis.  have you seen him?  he’s so gaunt and malnourished.  poor petite little guy.

another focus is MONEY.  in that we have none.  i can’t go buy $1000 in superfoods.  and i want to make sure that every bit of produce i buy, gets eaten.  no rotting kale in the crisper.  i must make sure i have a plan for it all.

the final detail i must consider is just how little time i actually have in these next few months.  this week, i have concerts on monday night, thursday night (out of town, no less) saturday, and sunday.  i’d like to say they’re all the same music, but each one is a different set of difficult music to conquer.  so, i need something that is quick.

so the list:

1. healthy meals and snacks, full of veggies

2. budget friendly

3. quick and easy

isn’t that the list for EVERYONE?  i thought so.

so, let’s begin…


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