see that sunshine coming through our windows? i’ve missed you, sunshine.  we even have a window open.  so wonderful. i’ve been so toxic.  so sick, so exhausted, so stressed.  SO, i’m going to do something about it.  i’m doing the dr. oz 3-day detox.  it includes three different veggie and juice drinks, green tea with lemon, and a detox bath every night for 30 … Continue reading spring.

the julia child dinner party.

okay, now that my heart palpitations have subsided from all the butter and red meat, i am finally ready to report and rate the food i made from julia’s fantastic cookbook! first of all, the woman is a CHEMIST.  she is so thorough and thoughtful, and every meal seems to involve a chemical reaction, where eggs are whipped into stiff peaks, or ribbon stages, or … Continue reading the julia child dinner party.

french secret vinaigrette. shhhhhh…

ooh laa laaaaa.  this dressing has a little secret ingredient that the french use.  apparently. i learned about it on food tv. here’s the recipe.  don’t forget to vary it and let me know what you do!!! FRENCH SECRET VINAIGRETTE juice of one lemon a squirt of agave nectar or honey a little olive oil dijon mustard some chopped dill S&P and… here’s the secret … Continue reading french secret vinaigrette. shhhhhh…

healthy soul food: tuna cakes.

please don’t judge this blog post by its title.  all tuna cakes are NOT created equal!!! these tuna cakes are sooooo incredible.  trust me.  actually, don’t trust me ~ just make them and taste for yourself. tuna is so good for you.  as you know already.  rich in omega 3’s, right?  low in fat?  i don’t know.  i just love the stuff, and it’s really … Continue reading healthy soul food: tuna cakes.

the julia child dinner party.

isn’t it the most beautiful book you’ve ever seen?  nostalgic hue of blue-green, sweet, unassuming cover with simple red font, and profound, thorough, culinary encyclopedia on the inside.  “made with love” is what it should say on the front. the hub and i are having two incredible people over for dinner next week.  we owe this couple a very special dinner, for many reasons, and … Continue reading the julia child dinner party.

pesto pasta with a kick.

my in-laws and my mother are all coming this weekend for the hub’s musical at school, and our kansas city chorale concerts.  so i thought i would make some antipasti-style nosh for the weekend, so that i don’t have to cook anything, yet, the fridge will be full of treats. here’s what i plan to make: dried cherry/orange scones (best recipe EVER) butternut squash lasagna … Continue reading pesto pasta with a kick.

black bean/kale soup.

as if you needed ANOTHER black bean soup recipe.  i have read and tried so many different ones, and i pieced together all my favorite elements from each one.  here’s what is brewing in pixy’s kitchen this morning! in a splash of olive oil… onion, jalapeno, celery, garlic, carrots, and a healthy handful of chopped kale (get the already washed, already chopped, for pete’s sake!! … Continue reading black bean/kale soup.

gluten free cookies!

although i am one of the lucky ones who haven’t become allergic to gluten (yet), i am always experimenting with gluten free baking, in sympathy for my sweet friends who cannot digest it. i really, really love this gluten free peanut butter cookie, created by the culinary genius, emeril lagasse, who has a son with gluten allergies. this recipe makes me so happy: there are … Continue reading gluten free cookies!