okay, so i’ve been working my fingers to the bone.  i’m so exhausted and i need healthy, easy, cheap comfort food.  i have a rehearsal in 30 minutes, then i’m dropping by the grocery store to pick up something that can serve as that medicine.

i need it to be full of vegetables and superfood and warmth and digestive happiness.

the hub would say ~ “macaroni and cheese”.

what should i make?

okay, forget that last part!  i’ve moved on to much bigger and much better things.  i made a little pasta with tomato sauce for lunch and called it a day.  and then, moved to the planning of a dinner party, which always brightens my day!

stay tuned for more info!!!

One thought on “ideas?

  1. Vegetable Soup – I made some a couple weeks ago and loved it – I used the usual-onions, carrots, celery, peppers, corn, beans, tomatoes, veg broth, cabbage (which really gives it a lot of flavor) anything I had in the veg line that was left over, seasoned with cajun seasoning (a little) worchestershire sauce, you know the drill. It got better as the days went by and I loved having it in my fridge. Low in calories and nutritious. What could be better? pt

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