french secret vinaigrette. shhhhhh…


ooh laa laaaaa.  this dressing has a little secret ingredient that the french use.  apparently.

i learned about it on food tv.

here’s the recipe.  don’t forget to vary it and let me know what you do!!!


juice of one lemon

a squirt of agave nectar or honey

a little olive oil

dijon mustard

some chopped dill



here’s the secret ingredient…

a dash of soy sauce.

whisk together and pour over your favorite greens and veggies.

but it totally works!  it gives a little nod to the anchovy flavor in the caesar dressing.  it deepens the flavor.  it really makes the dressing more profound and wise.  🙂

2 thoughts on “french secret vinaigrette. shhhhhh…

  1. Did I mention that I gave up FB for Lent? And that I ordered Julia’s cookbook?

    During the wait, I made chicken Marsala. The challenge here is that not everyone in my house cares for Marsala. So I’ve struggled in making sauce and meat separately, yet not having it turn out like country chicken-w-wine gravy! Finally, success! I also prepped (cleaned, pounded, wrapped, and froze) chicken for the next 3 meals. Picatta is next (sauce separate yet remaining true to the delicate nature of the dish). Marinated and grilled is after that, but I’ve already got that one down.

    My aunt’s bday is April 1, and I’m getting her miso paste — thx to you!

    For some reason, I cannot enjoy salad dressing out of a bottle anymore, so I make my own nightly. I’m not the only one, right?

    So anyway, the reason why I’m writing…It took hours to plan, shop, organize, and prep (for tonight and 3 meals in advance), but the process was so challenging and relaxing. Work for my hands, enjoyment to my family…I thought of you. I miss you.

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