see that sunshine coming through our windows?

i’ve missed you, sunshine.  we even have a window open.  so wonderful.

i’ve been so toxic.  so sick, so exhausted, so stressed.  SO, i’m going to do something about it.  i’m doing the dr. oz 3-day detox.  it includes three different veggie and juice drinks, green tea with lemon, and a detox bath every night for 30 minutes.

no coffee, no solid food, no wine.  those are my biggest hurdles.  he gives you green tea, at least, so the caffeine headache isn’t too terrible.

but i tell you, my body feels so terrible, i don’t even crave coffee in the morning.  that’s extremely unlike me.

i don’t know if i have the willpower to even do this for a full day, but i’m going to try.  i’ll try to blog every time i feel like i’m going to fall off the wagon and eat my arm.

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