springy veggie omelette.

  yippee!  starting my day off with SO many VEGGIES!!  woot woot!  i feel like i’m ahead of the game! there is no secret trick to this veggie omelette ~ i just want to remind you of how easy and healthy it can be! first of all ~ USE COCONUT OIL.  it’s the best flavor ever.  it only takes a little in the pan to … Continue reading springy veggie omelette.

a trip to the farmers market.

the farmers market is so enjoyable.  it’s a date with such wonderful sights, smells, sounds and tastes.  it is not as enjoyable for a 6’4″ bull in a china shop, like the hub.  poor guy.  very uncomfortable around all those people everywhere.  but i loved every minute.  i bought 2 zucchinis, dropped a 3rd one on the ground, picked it up and bought it, then … Continue reading a trip to the farmers market.

oatmeal breakfast bars…with pineapple.

they’re in the oven.  i am so excited ~ they smell amazing!!  i’m super proud of this recipe.  gluten-free, only 2 tablespoons of butter, no sugar whatsoever, and lots of very important ingredients, like flax seed and almonds.  yippee!!!! the ones i made last week, i froze in baggies of two.  they’re so most, rich and filling.  such a great way to eat breakfast on … Continue reading oatmeal breakfast bars…with pineapple.

operation salsa.

operation salsa ~ activated. form of a… FOODIE. unfortunately, my cure for everything is food.  this is my father’s fault.  “dad, i’m tired.”  “well, babes, did you eat something?”  “dad, i’m so excited about my concert!”  “great!  let’s celebrate with a hot fudge cake at shoney’s!” hmmm…. i sent this e-mail a year or so ago, to my wonderful friend, sharon, who just sent it … Continue reading operation salsa.

the easter detox.

well, it was an amazing 3 days.  i made a few discoveries with this detox. 1. the smoothies are incredible! the green drink is the lunch drink: celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, lime juice, coconut oil, almond milk and pineapple.  it’s packed with nutrients and is really delicious.  i added extra water to make it thinner.  but i think it would make a great base … Continue reading the easter detox.