the easter detox.

well, it was an amazing 3 days.  i made a few discoveries with this detox.

1. the smoothies are incredible!

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the green drink is the lunch drink: celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, lime juice, coconut oil, almond milk and pineapple.  it’s packed with nutrients and is really delicious.  i added extra water to make it thinner.  but i think it would make a great base for a green gazpacho.

the purple drink is the breakfast drink: spinach, berries, banana, almond butter, lemon juice, flax seed.  these drinks make up a huge amount.  you can either drink it all, or save some for a snack for later in the day.  i went ahead and just put my probiotic pill in the drink and blended it, so that i didn’t forget it.

there’s a dinner drink that i’m going to try today…

the biggest thing i learned is:  if you drink one or two of these a day, you really don’t need to refrain from eating regular food as well.  i went ahead and ate dinner every night.  you will not be able to eat that much solid food anyway, because you will be so full from the drinks.  that was my experience.

these smoothies MAKE YOU GLOW.  almost instantly.  your body just desperately wants that much fruit/veg ~ in bulk.  you will never be able to eat that much in a day, so putting it into a smoothie is the only way to ensure that you’ll get all of those nutrients.  that’s what i learned.

2. at the end of the first day, i decided to have a hummus and veggie sandwich on pita bread. and it hurt.  after eating just a quarter of it, i felt terrible.  so i think i’ll be going pretty much gluten-free from here on out.  not strictly, but i realized how difficult it is for me to digest bread.  i didn’t eat that much of it in the first place, but now i’m really going to watch it.

3. here’s something i can’t believe i’m going to write:  green tea with lemon in the morning is FABULOUS.  i’m not crazy with the green tea caffeine, and i think the coffee was making me feel some kind of undue stressful emotion, which also gave me great energy, but was not worth it.  the green tea is so clean.  i feel clear and calm.  i’ll save coffee for an afternoon snack or pick-me-up.

i cannot believe how much energy and clarity i have.  i feel like my eyes are brighter and my skin is a little more glowy. ALREADY!  i’m anxious to get back to the gym and also see how the drinks work during a busy day of teaching.  i’m pumped!

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