operation salsa.

operation salsa ~ activated.

form of a…
unfortunately, my cure for everything is food.  this is my father’s fault.  “dad, i’m tired.”  “well, babes, did you eat something?”  “dad, i’m so excited about my concert!”  “great!  let’s celebrate with a hot fudge cake at shoney’s!”
i sent this e-mail a year or so ago, to my wonderful friend, sharon, who just sent it back to me.  she was in a dark place and needed either paxil, or salsa, and quick!  i told her that i choose salsa over paxil, but maybe both is in order sometimes?  today?  yes.  and i have neither, darnit.
so, here is what i sent her:
you combine these following ingredients and those are the staples for any salsa you like.  so first, chop or food process the following:
red onion
cracked black pepper
lime juice
add any of the following:
1. avocado and fresh chopped tomato for amazing guac
2. grilled pineapple and chopped red pepper for a sweeter salsa
3. roasted corn
4. black beans
5. a can of tomatoes for regular salsa
6. chopped fresh peaches
7. chopped fresh mango
and here’s my favorite:
8. salsa verde.  my absolute fave.  take tomatillos and soak them in water, to peel the husks off.  it’s super easy.  dry and cut in half.  throw on a baking sheet with quartered onion and poblano peppers.  LOVE poblanos.  ugh.  rub it all with olive oil.
roast in the oven at 400-ish, for 20-ish.  whenever.
let cool and put in a blender with salt and pepper, garlic, cumin, lime juice and cilantro.  maybe a splash of vinegar.  that’s nice.
i’m kinda interested in experimenting with some not-so-salsa flavors.  like kalamata olives and feta, with mint instead of cilantro?  i guess that’s just olive tapenade, but it still sounds good with a tortilla chip or slathered all over a roasted chicken breast!
or artichoke salsa?  edamame salsa?  watermelon salsa?
i could go on and on.  maybe i just will.  it’s my blog and i can if i want to!

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