oatmeal breakfast bars…with pineapple.

they’re in the oven.  i am so excited ~ they smell amazing!!  i’m super proud of this recipe.  gluten-free, only 2 tablespoons of butter, no sugar whatsoever, and lots of very important ingredients, like flax seed and almonds.  yippee!!!!

the ones i made last week, i froze in baggies of two.  they’re so most, rich and filling.  such a great way to eat breakfast on the go, and healthy!!!

so this morning, i’m taking these oatmeal breakfast bars to a meeting.  my friend anna is a no gluten girl, so i made them with gluten free flour and gluten free oats.

and i added fresh chopped pineapple.  i think this will be my fave ~ the pineapple with the almonds and the coconut oil?  yesssss!

i have not had a break in so long.  i am running on fumes right now, and i need a reason to get out of bed these days.  today, these bars have done the trick!!!

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