thursday night dinner.

tonight, the hub and i are both home by some crazy early time, like 4:00.  i cannot WAIT.  we have not had an evening off in AGES!!!  our dining room table is covered with mail, tax info, recipes and music.

tonight, we fix all of that.

woot woot!!!

so, last night, i asked the hub what he wanted for dinner.  i mentioned i wanted to make some kind of meatball/mini meatloaf concoction, and he recommended something in the teriyaki genre.  love that!  he also requested mashed potatoes.

it’s all about compromise:  he likes unhealthy comfort food, like french fries, mashed potatoes and mac n cheese.  i like healthy, clean eating, with tons of veggies.

here’s my compromising meal tonight!

teriyaki chicken mini meatloaf balls of yumminess:  i think i’ll use ground chicken, asian seasonings, onion, garlic and a little cilantro, maybe?  i’ll bake it all in the oven with a miso, soy, ginger glaze.

so far so good!

the mashed potatoes ~ i saw a recipe somewhere for mashed cauliflower.  i think i’ll do a mixture of cauliflower and potatoes, just to make everyone happy.

and a green salad with shredded carrots and soy/ginger dressing.

IF anything turns out amazing, i’ll post the recipes!!  so stay tuned!!!

3 thoughts on “thursday night dinner.

  1. We do mashed caulliflower all the time! Frank, mashed potato king, swears they’re better than regular mashed potatoes!

  2. this was an awesome dinner and we actually have some meatballs still leftover. not sure if they’re still good at this point, but it served us well!

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