savory french toast.

i’m not sure this can really be called french toast, but when i want a quick treat for breakfast, here’s what i make:

i take two pieces of GRAINS GALORE bread, from Farm to Market here in Kansas City.  It has lots of seeds and nuts and grains, etc.  Really healthy and natural.

i take egg whites, a little parmesan cheese and some salt and pepper, and whip them up.  i douse my bread in the egg mixture, until both sides are coated and the egg is soaked in.  meanwhile, heat a bit of olive oil or coconut oil in a pan.

you see where this is going.

toast up the bread in the pan.

it’s just another way to eat eggs and toast.  and it’s made with egg white and healthy bread.  i feel pretty good about it.  i just CAN’T eat oatmeal every single morning.  i need to eat it at least 4 mornings a week to keep the cholesterol down, but i hardly ever touch the stuff at this point.  gotta fix that!

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