a trip to the farmers market.

the farmers market is so enjoyable.  it’s a date with such wonderful sights, smells, sounds and tastes.  it is not as enjoyable for a 6’4″ bull in a china shop, like the hub.  poor guy.  very uncomfortable around all those people everywhere.  but i loved every minute.  i bought 2 zucchinis, dropped a 3rd one on the ground, picked it up and bought it, then hit the portobello mushroom box and 2 flung on the ground as well.  bought it too.  i just couldn’t put them back after they’d fallen on the ground.  besides, they were jumping out of the stands, just to be with me.   hee hee

i have that affect on vegetables.

so tonight:

*grilled portobello mushrooms burgers.  i’ll marinate the mushrooms in some kind of soy sauce/garlic concoction, and stuff the middle with a bread dressing, made with the italian bread we bought from this guy who was super passionate about his italian bread.  love that.  sold.

*green salad with a mustardy vinaigrette and grilled zucchini.

*rice pilaf ~ leftover from the other night.

*and probably something for dessert.  i’m having some sweet cravings lately.

today, i made chicken/spinach panini.  it’s so simple and tasty ~ i wanted to share it with you!

i took a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store.  thank GOD for those already-roasted, delicious chickens!

chop it up and throw it in a bowl with some chopped spinach (a lot of spinach, actually), some cheese, a handful of cranberries, some stone ground mustard, balsamic vinegar, basil and S&P.  stir it up and top on some crusty bread (hope you can buy it from a passionate bread baker like i did this morning.  i feel truly wealthy when i have experiences like that!)

if you have a panini maker like i do (thanks, mom!) make it in one of those things.  or just put it in a frying pan and put something heavy on top.  you know how to make a panini.  it’s really about the ingredients that are so healthy and fresh.  

i also bought lavender and lemon balm at the farmers market, and planted it in very cute little pots at home.  what do you do with lemon balm?  i asked for mint, and when i got home, it was lemon balm.  is that the same thing?



i know there’s nothing special about this picture ~ it’s just some plants.  but none of them are dead, and that’s special to me.  for the first time in my life ~ i can grow a plant, not kill it!  my herbs and plants have taken over my desk, and that makes me very happy…

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