springy veggie omelette.



yippee!  starting my day off with SO many VEGGIES!!  woot woot!  i feel like i’m ahead of the game!

there is no secret trick to this veggie omelette ~ i just want to remind you of how easy and healthy it can be!

first of all ~ USE COCONUT OIL.  it’s the best flavor ever.  it only takes a little in the pan to give a sweet, nutty flavor to your eggs.  i also hear that coconut is really good for you, although i’m sure we’ll find out it causes some kind of disease.  but for now, it’s making me insanely happy.

add veggies to the pan:  i added some frozen peas, green onions, shredded carrots and chopped fresh spinach.  took me 30 seconds.  add a little salt and pepper, or goya seasoning…

and then i use those egg whites in a carton.

top with chopped basil and your favorite hot sauce!  lately, i’ve been obsessed with cholula chili lime hot sauce.

if i had any cheese in the house, i’m sure i would have indulged and added some.  feta would have been amazing in this.

anyway, it’s so easy and fresh and full of dark leafy green goodness.

have a great tuesday!!!

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