buffalo wing sauce love.

i am obsessed with frank’s hot sauce.  obsessed, i tell you. my girlfriend, amy, just wrote the same thing in an e-mail, so i thought i would dedicate this post to all the ways i can think of to use frank’s hot sauce, and not in super fattening ways. here goes! 1:  my #1 favorite way:  buffalo chex mix!!! get creative with the mix ~ think about … Continue reading buffalo wing sauce love.

blackberry/rosemary red wine spritzer.

i had a fantastic day.  it was gorgeous out, i had a meeting with an incredible and very influential woman in the music biz this morning, who inspired the heck outa me, and i had my first teaching day of the glorious summer ~ all private students ~ all adults.  wonderful. then, i come home to the hub… are you sitting down? DUSTING!  WHAT?  he … Continue reading blackberry/rosemary red wine spritzer.

carrot ginger soup.

most of the recipes i post on here are my own creations.  well, sort of.  they start with a problem:  no money, no interest in going to the grocery store, no time, and a refrigerator housing produce that’s not going to last forever in there. so, everyone has a recipe for carrot ginger soup.  this is not a revelation.  it just happens to be what … Continue reading carrot ginger soup.

romaine with oranges, blue cheese and orange vinaigrette.

well, i was going to make gazpacho, but instead of going to the grocery store over my lunch hour, i bought some new clothes.  so i had to go with something much cheaper. tuna cakes and salad. this is a recipe i stole from the gym yesterday.  the magazine had so many great recipes that i took the mag home with me, copied several recipes, … Continue reading romaine with oranges, blue cheese and orange vinaigrette.

watermelon margaritas.

made these last night for some very tired, very cranky choral conductors, an exhausted singer (moi), and my decorator-friend. you might ask ~ what is a “decorator-friend”?  it’s a gay man who comes over and, in exchange for watermelon margaritas, assesses the placement of your furniture and makes suggestions.  my decorator-friend, i’m convinced, is an absolute genius.  tables were moved, plans were made, margaritas were … Continue reading watermelon margaritas.

basic italian tomato sauce.

this isn’t really one of those fancy, professional, cooking blogs, where you can search for ideas for dinner from a side bar with categories, like appetizers, or desserts.  however, i hope it inspires you (whoever is reading this) to eat a little healthier, enjoy your food, think outside the box, or just remember the basics. sometimes, though, i just need a place to get my … Continue reading basic italian tomato sauce.