watermelon margaritas.

made these last night for some very tired, very cranky choral conductors, an exhausted singer (moi), and my decorator-friend.

you might ask ~ what is a “decorator-friend”?  it’s a gay man who comes over and, in exchange for watermelon margaritas, assesses the placement of your furniture and makes suggestions.  my decorator-friend, i’m convinced, is an absolute genius.  tables were moved, plans were made, margaritas were sipped.  the choral directors just sat there with their eyes half-closed, like zombies.  poor high school choral directors.  can you imagine being one?  i can’t.

so, i felt like these deserving people needed a tuesday night pick-up.


this is eva longoria’s recipe!


Fresh Watermelon Juice (you don’t have to have a juicer: put a chopped up watermelon in a blender with a little water, to get it going.  then pass it through a fine mesh sieve.)

Lime Juice

Simple Syrup                                

Agave Nectar

Salt for Rimming Glasses

i’m not the best drink maker in the world, so i need to measure things out.  but what i do is make all the ingredients, start with as much tequila as i think i’ll need for 4 people, and keep adding the ingredients little by little.  if you can combine the lime, simple syrup and agave, that is a killer sour mix that you could put in ice cube trays in your freezer.  that way you would always have those ingredients, and the frozen aspect too!

i’ve never actually tried that, so maybe the lime flavor goes away when you freeze it?  not sure.  i’ll have to try all that this summer.

when i was living in chicago, i would make margaritas and freeze them in little baggies.  it would be the exact amount of one margarita ~ i could just pop one in the blender, whirl it up and have beautiful margs anytime.  i should do that again.

i’m sad that i do not have a picture of these watermelon margaritas to show you.  they were a beautiful pink color, and really had more fruit juice than anything.  they were a real treat.

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