carrot ginger soup.

most of the recipes i post on here are my own creations.  well, sort of.  they start with a problem:  no money, no interest in going to the grocery store, no time, and a refrigerator housing produce that’s not going to last forever in there.

so, everyone has a recipe for carrot ginger soup.  this is not a revelation.  it just happens to be what i concocted when all of the above were an issue.  and, i had a surplus of carrots and not much else.  but i will definitely make this again.  it was so fresh and healthy.



brown an onion and some garlic in a dutch oven or stock pot, with some coconut oil or olive oil.  or butter if you’re in your 20’s.

after it all begins to sweat, add some chopped carrots and a chopped sweet potato.

add a big piece of ginger ~ (got ginger in your freezer?  hope so!  it’s the best thing ever.  just peel the ginger when you bring it home from the grocery store, and cut it up into several pieces)

add a squirt of honey, or a glug of maple syrup.

add some dried cranberries.  i’m just throwing stuff in that i have.

add veggie stock or chicken stock.  i use better than bouillon.  it rocks.

at this point, you can add whatever seasonings you’d like.  here’s what i added…

cilantro (use the stalks.  they hold up so much more in a soup)


crushed red pepper

curry powder


garam masala


those are just all the things that are in the “indian” genre of my spice rack.

bring it to boil, then let simmer until the carrots are soft ~ 30 minutes?

blend and enjoy!

i didn’t add any citrus, but wouldn’t that be awesome?  lemon zest or the juice of an orange?  maybe i’ll do that today with the leftovers!


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