mango pulled pork.

now, i thought i had posted this hybrid of two recipes a long time ago.  and when i went to make this dish, i went to my own blog, because i really love the combo of ingredients from those two amazing recipes, and i wanted to do it the same way.

but it just gets better and better every time i make it, honestly.

here’s the recipe:  it’s spicy pulled pork from pioneer woman, and indian mango bbq pulled pork from aarti party on the food network!  and i add a few ingredients of my own…


3-5 pounds pork shoulder or boston butt:  trim off the excess fat and sear in a frying pan, on all sides, with some olive oil.  you can rub the pork with salt before you do that.  might be a good idea.  i didn’t think to do that, but that would really be nice.

while doing that, turn your slow cooker on high and drop in the following ingredients:

one onion

4 cloves garlic

a serrano or jalapeno pepper

a little brown sugar

a long drizzle of molasses

some worcestershire sauce

some lime juice (a couple limes)

a long drizzle of vinegar ~ balsamic or white wine

all of these spices, or really, whatever you have:  chili powder, dried oregano, cumin, salt and pepper, fennel seeds, garam masala, ground ginger…


a bag of frozen mango.  HALLELUJAH.

last time i made this, i had some fresh pineapple that i needed to use.  that was SO amazing.  so add some pineapple if you’d like!

stir all that up in your slow cooker and drop in the seared pork.

let it go for 5 or 6 hours.  your house will smell SO GOOD.

when it’s done, i like to put it in a big 9×13 pan that has a lid (thank you jen pen for the best pyrex dish ever!). and i shred it with a couple forks and get rid of any gross, jiggly fat.  then i pour the liquid all over it and it lasts us several days!

had some today in a tortilla, with some cole slaw i made with lime juice, olive oil and cilantro.  no mayo.

i hope you try this.  experiment with the spices, but don’t rule out the indian spices.  they are sensational with a braised or slow cooked meat.

enjoy and tell me if you make it!


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