blackberry/rosemary red wine spritzer.

i had a fantastic day.  it was gorgeous out, i had a meeting with an incredible and very influential woman in the music biz this morning, who inspired the heck outa me, and i had my first teaching day of the glorious summer ~ all private students ~ all adults.  wonderful.

then, i come home to the hub…

are you sitting down?

DUSTING!  WHAT?  he was dusting the entire house.

this calls for celebration!!!

this is a yummy little celebratory spritzer that feels healthy, somehow…

muddle some rosemary and agave nectar, or sugar.

add blackberries (or raspberries) that have been mashed in a strainer.  (get those seeds outa there for easier slurping.)

add red wine.


pour into a glass with ice, and top with club soda, if you feel like it.  but i don’t feel like it.

enjoy.  i know i will!

2 thoughts on “blackberry/rosemary red wine spritzer.

  1. I want and need this. Let’s have a Great Gatsby party, and really the only thing that makes it like the Great Gatsby is we sit on my sunroom in white dresses and let the breeze blow in while we get drunk.

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