buffalo wing sauce love.

i am obsessed with frank’s hot sauce.  obsessed, i tell you.

my girlfriend, amy, just wrote the same thing in an e-mail, so i thought i would dedicate this post to all the ways i can think of to use frank’s hot sauce, and not in super fattening ways.

here goes!

1:  my #1 favorite way:  buffalo chex mix!!!

get creative with the mix ~ think about almonds, cashews, triscuits (amazing), pretzels, do you need to go gluten-free?  how about fiber-rich crackers or gluten-free snack crackers?  it doesn’t have to be unhealthy, y’all.

melt 2 tablespoons of butter.  i think these mixes usually call for more like 6 tablespoons, so you’re really reducing the fat this way…

add a BUNCH of frank’s.  maybe 3 tablespoons?  never too much for my beloved hot sauce.

add worcestershire sauce.

add lawry’s seasoning salt, or ranch seasoning, or old bay seasoning, or goya?  anything you want.  get creative!

the final delicious touch ~ add celery seed.  you know ~ buffalo wings and celery????  so yummy.  you can add some after you bake the mix too.

2:  here’s a delicious quick snack: quick buffalo cheese dip and celery

this is too easy.  take some laughing cow cheese, mix it with a little bit of blue cheese, or just get the laughing cow blue if you want.  mix it with some celery seeds, and pour frank’s hot sauce over it!  eat with celery.  that’s a great way to get your celery in…

my friend amy mentioned salad with hot sauce.  great idea!

3:  iceberg lettuce wedge with buffalo ranch dressing


make ranch dressing from a packet ~ in my opinion, leave out the mayo.  ranch dressing is so good with the milk it calls for, some dijon mustard, some maytag blue cheese, and lemon juice.  add frank’s hot sauce and you have a really tangy, delicious dressing!  don’t forget the crisped up turkey bacon ~ YUMMMM!

4:  buffalo-style tuna cakes

i’ve already bragged about these in previous posts.  but these tuna cakes are SO good.  here they are again…

1 can of tuna

1 can of garbanzo beans

some worcestershire sauce

one laughing cow cheese

one stalk celery, chopped

one egg white, for binding

frank’s hot sauce!!!!

and coat these cakes in corn meal ~ it’s amazing!!!!

i feel like i’ve forgotten some other ways i like to use frank’s ~ i’ll keep thinking today and will post more later!

if you have any great ideas you’d like to share, please do!!!!

3 thoughts on “buffalo wing sauce love.

  1. Ok, not healthy, but… bake chicken wings (till crisp, turning once) coated in your fav spices. I like garlic pwdr, onion pwdr, chili pwdr, poultry seasoning, paprika, cayenne, and salt. Maybe Lowry’s. Mix Frank’s and margarine, 50/50, and dip. Got this from when Joe worked at Murry’s.

    I also like Franks in basic white sauce plus garlic drizzled over crab cakes.

    1. So here’s my question…why is food preparation so ultimately relaxing for some of us? And why is it such an awful, stressful chore for others? I can’t figure it out! (I love your blog, btw, friend.)

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