lemon pesto.

  this pesto recipe will go down in my book as the BEST PESTO EVER. it’s just what a like: lots of tangy lemon, gorgeous yellowy color, and fresh flavor. i started with a recipe from the “under the tuscan sun” cookbook, and of course, embellished a bit… LEMON PESTO juice and zest of two lemons some kind of nuts: today i used pistachios.  almonds, … Continue reading lemon pesto.

zucchini carpaccio.

here’s another one of my favorite recipes of all time.  it was part of the italian feast menu yesterday… ZUCCHINI CARPACCIO: slice zucchini as thinly as you can.  i have a little cheap version of a mandolin and it worked beautifully for this.  you can also use a vegetable peeler and do long strips.  but i like cutting them into disks better.  arrange in one … Continue reading zucchini carpaccio.

fruit with mascarpone cream.

this time last year, the hub and i were on a plan to italy.  we spent a month eating the most amazing food, and i made SURE to remember everything.  i wrote things down, ordered a few authentic italian cookbooks, and have been working on my italian cooking skills all year. today, in honor (and jealousy) of our colleagues who are on their way to … Continue reading fruit with mascarpone cream.

artichokes that make you slurp rudely.

my long-time, wonderful friend, jen, posed a great question in a recent comment: “why is food preparation so ultimately relaxing for some of us? and why is it such an awful, stressful chore for others?” if you’re reading this blog, i’m assuming you are probably a person who relates to the former, most of the time.  if you are a mom, i’m sure you have … Continue reading artichokes that make you slurp rudely.