lemon pesto.

  this pesto recipe will go down in my book as the BEST PESTO EVER. it’s just what a like: lots of tangy lemon, gorgeous yellowy color, and fresh flavor. i started with a recipe from the “under the tuscan sun” cookbook, and of course, embellished a bit… LEMON PESTO juice and zest of two lemons some kind of nuts: today i used pistachios.  almonds, … Continue reading lemon pesto.

zucchini carpaccio.

here’s another one of my favorite recipes of all time.  it was part of the italian feast menu yesterday… ZUCCHINI CARPACCIO: slice zucchini as thinly as you can.  i have a little cheap version of a mandolin and it worked beautifully for this.  you can also use a vegetable peeler and do long strips.  but i like cutting them into disks better.  arrange in one … Continue reading zucchini carpaccio.

fruit with mascarpone cream.

this time last year, the hub and i were on a plan to italy.  we spent a month eating the most amazing food, and i made SURE to remember everything.  i wrote things down, ordered a few authentic italian cookbooks, and have been working on my italian cooking skills all year. today, in honor (and jealousy) of our colleagues who are on their way to … Continue reading fruit with mascarpone cream.