fruit with mascarpone cream.

this time last year, the hub and i were on a plan to italy.  we spent a month eating the most amazing food, and i made SURE to remember everything.  i wrote things down, ordered a few authentic italian cookbooks, and have been working on my italian cooking skills all year.

today, in honor (and jealousy) of our colleagues who are on their way to the music program in cortona, i made an italian feast for the girls in my fledgling vocal quartet, aptly named “the fabula quartet”.  four fabulous women.  i’ll include myself in that compliment.  whatever.

here’s what was fabulous:  the menu.  and the company.

i’ll begin with dessert.


pronounced “mas-kar-po-nay”.  just in case you’re a foodie and want to know how to correctly pronounce it.  if you call it “mar-sca-pone”, i will still gladly come over to your house and eat your marscapone.

it’s mascarpone, a little heavy cream, a couple T’s of powdered sugar, lemon juice, and a drop of almond extract.

whip it up with a whisk and drop it on top of fresh fruit.  raspberries.  peaches.  whatever is in season.  if you’re dieting, just put a small dollop on the fruit ~ a little truly goes a long way.

don’t forget the cookies!  crumbled amaretti cookies, or biscotti (crushed in a ziplock), or even graham crackers.  whatever you have!

i think lemon or orange zest would be a great addition to this cream topping.  this is such a quick, rich sub for whipped cream.

another fancy addition:  poach the fruit in prosecco and sugar!!!  but i love fresh fruit.  can’t go wrong with that…



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