who is the man…

(sung to the tune of “shaft”)

who is the man

who would mix martinis for his wife





this is the way i like to check my e-mail from now on.  if you like grapefruit, you have GOT to try this refreshing vacation-tini!!!


named after the little cans of TEXSUN brand grapefruit juice my family always had in the car on vacations.



have you seen these?  they come in six packs ~ 70 calories a can!  but who’s counting.

it’s a can of this tart, yummy, beautifully-pink juice, and vodka, shaken with lots of ice.  you can add triple sec if you’re feeling dressy, seltzer if you like fizz, or some kind of fresh juice like fresh orange juice or grapefruit juice.

but what i love about it is ~ you really only need grapefruit juice and vodka.  and ice.  and a shaker.  and a hub who will shake it for you.

he’s checking his e-mail while drinking one too.  awwwwww….


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