swiss chard & mozzarella.



okay, hear me out.  these probably don’t look that good, but think stuffed grape leaves.  only better.  these are so good.  you won’t believe it till you try them.  i just ate about 6 of them ~ imagine all the dark, leafy greens i’m getting in today!!!

if you want to make them a little healthier, you can always slice the fresh mozzarella thinner.

here’s the recipe:


wash your chard and cut out the spine, keeping the strips long and intact.  put chard in a bowl and cover chard with boiling water and let sit for 3 minutes.  drain and dry on a towel.  be careful not to rip the chard.  you want them in long strips.

meanwhile, get your fillings ready.  fresh mozzarella is the star of the show!  also, fresh basil (or pesto, if you don’t have fresh basil), sun-dried tomatoes, chopped, and fresh cracked pepper.

lay a strip of chard out and place a slice of mozz at the end, topping it with the other ingredients.  roll the chard up and place on a grill pan, sprayed with a little olive oil.  grill until you smell the mozz!!!

cool bundles on a rack or paper towel.  you want the mozz to set just a little.  sprinkle the top of each bundle with a little kosher salt. 

i am really crazy about these.  i’m going back for more…

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