i LOVED that salmon from yesterday, so i might be making it again.  and there’s leftover rice, thank god.  the headache was so terrible yesterday.  i thought i was dying.  the book says no pain relievers, or you’ll only prolong the headaches and even make them worse.

but this morning, i woke up clear and headache free!  hope it lasts all day!

poor hub.  saw it all yesterday.  gotta make good today.

well, it’s 4:45 and i feel fantastic.  worked out and everything.  had the leftover smoothie from yesterday for breakfast. not supposed to do that, but oh well.  went to breakfast with my friend toni (hi toni!) and actually succeeded in ordering hot tea and a melon dish with balsamic reduction and mint.  “86” the prosciutto.  so sad.  i hope someone in the kitchen ate that prosciutto.

lunch:  leftovers from yesterday’s lunch and dinner, thrown together in a pan and heated up.  call it taco rice goulash.  whatever.  it was delicious.

dinner ~ not sure yet.  i’m thinking halibut.  bought it, even though it was SO blasted expensive.  but they look really good.  there’s an awesome recipe on the bag that i think i’ll try.

i’m finding that those recipes on the side of boxes or back of bags are the best recipes.  it makes sense:  people are really wanting you to buy that particular product, and they can only choose ONE recipe, so it makes sense that it’s a good one.  the other day i made chocolate chip cookies with a recipe on the back of a whole wheat flour from trader joe’s.  i think it will be the only flour i ever buy from now on, as well as THE chocolate chip cookie recipe.  those are strong words, since i’ve been making chocolate chip cookies since i was, hmmm ~ mom, was i 10 years old?

but i digress.

since we went to the gym, and i needed a healthy snack, i decided to make one of the soups they recommend on the cleanse.  it’s supposed to be a meal replacement, but i just had a little cup of it, and will eat lightly for dinner as well.

this one was a huge surprise ~ it’s the best thing i’ve had so far, and the best pureed sold soup i’ve EVER had.  it’s hard to believe ~ it’s so simple!


2 cucumbers, 1 lemon juiced, 1/4 pine nuts (i used sunflower seeds, but it would be much better with pine nuts) 2 cups purified water, 1 teaspoon sea salt, cracked pepper, a pinch of crushed red pepper, 2 tablespoons olive oil and fresh mint leaves (basil too, or cilantro!).  blend for 3 minutes or until smooth, then add the mint and blend for 15 seconds.  chill and serve.

i am shocked by how flavorful this is!  the nuts and olive oil really make it hearty, like there’s meat in there or something!

i just had a cup, and now can focus on that halibut.  i’m so happy the headache is staying away!!!

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