cleanse day #3.

which was yesterday.  this is a really doable cleanse.  i can’t believe i’m already on day #4 and haven’t given up, or died yet.

i do not recommend those cleanses where you only drink juice or water.  unless you live in a cave and don’t have a job.  i just don’t know how people do it.  this is much easier.

although, yesterday wasn’t by the book.  i snacked a little.  i snacked healthy and on the plan, but i snacked.  i feel like i ate all day and never really got full.  that’s not like me.

here’s what i ate yesterday:

breakfast smoothie:  it wasn’t all that good.  my first mistake.  i only drank 1/3 of it.  that got me started off on the wrong foot.

lunch:  my first lunch at a restaurant.  we went to pickleman’s, which has fresh, really good salads.  i had a salad with very little mustard vinaigrette.  i was still very hungry after i ate it.  so we drove by trader joes and i bought some trail mix.  you’re not really supposed to snack on this thing, but i couldn’t stop eating that trail mix.  and i wasn’t hydrating as much, which really helps keep the hunger away.

dinner:  there was no mention of brown rice pasta in the cleanse manuel, but brown rice tortillas are ok.  so i made brown rice pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, kalamata olives, capers, basil and oregano, and balsamic vinegar, all sauteed in olive oil.  topped it with chicken breasts and lots of lemon zest and juice.  that filled me up.  but i still snacked a little more.  until 9:30.  so, i’m not eating until 9:30 this morning.  that’s another property of the cleanse.

so the things i’d like to take away from the cleanse are:

1. 80 ounces of water a day.  no way around it.  it’s wonderful.

2. no more caffeine for me.  i feel like my old self again.  and when i say my old self, i really mean my young self.  i’m much more calm and peaceful, and more courageous to tackle things.  not stressed out about it all.  WOO HOO!

3. i will continue with these smoothies in the morning.  they rock.

4. i miss wine, but when this cleanse is over, i’ll definitely drink less.

today, i will try to do everything right and not snack, and might even try to drink two liquid meals instead of just one.  we’ll see…

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