bok choy soup.

i hear bok choy is extremely healthy.  so i made this quick soup… BOK CHOY SOUP chop up some garlic and throw it in a pan with some olive oil. add some chopped celery with the leaves, chopped ginger, and the chopped bok choy. after things get to know each other… add a small dollop of better than bouillon veggie broth, or miso paste, and … Continue reading bok choy soup.


almost a week on the cleanse and i feel really great.  it wasn’t easy.  lots of emotions, hopelessness, exhaustion, strange dreams, etc.  but that’s all part of the cleanse.  i ended the cleanse yesterday because i had a concert.  my voice is really reaping the benefits of no coffee and so much water.  it was some of my best work.  woo hoo! now, how to … Continue reading friday.